The Euro-Tile website has started its business in the digital marketing with the aim of expanding the ceramic tile market and introducing high-quality products in various regions, including Central Asia and the Eastern European Bloc.
The ownership of this site belongs to the It Europe company, and its activities are in the field of commerce in Slovakia. Taking into account the experience in the production of ceramic tiles and cognition from the Middle East region, they have been trying to gather the products of the day and put them on this site To offer them.
The main purpose of the site is to buy ceramic tiles in the Middle East region and the Eastern European block.
And there's also another striking issue of giving Central Asia market information to respectable manufacturers, and we can be the bridge between manufacturers and consumers of tiles and vendors
In the end, we invite all businessmen and manufacturers to present their high quality products through the Euro Tile website to help us achieve our goal of satisfying our dear customers.